Movies can evoke a sensuous mood, passionate romance or illicit thrill. From man crushing on an android (Ex Machina?) to sensuous historical dramas, there’s no shortage of captivating cinema available.

These Sexy Movies range in content, but all offer plenty of titillating eye candy. We’ve included classics like Magic Mike as well as underrated newcomers with sexually charged plotlines that will always have a place in our hearts.

Erotic Period Dramas

Looking for a thrilling period drama that’s both seductive and evocative? Look no further than Milan Kundera’s classic. This sensual journey through the Prague Spring in 1960s Czechoslovakia explores concepts like trust and kitsch in intriguing ways.

Sailing Clubs

One of France’s finest films in a decade, Sailing Clubs follows an eclectic group of middle-aged women as they spend their vacation sailing together. The age gaps between them and their sexual tension is captivating to watch.


A captivating period drama follows two artists living in a shared house with young boy and his mother. There’s plenty of racy scenes throughout, including an engaging swingers’ party, intense hurricane scenes, and plenty of steamy romance between them.

If you’re in search of more excitement than Magic Mike can provide, these sultry thrillers are sure to please. From a girl chasing her father to an ex-cop trying to track down a serial killer, these movies promise plenty of feels.